Renegade is a new “alternative” travel magazine from the UK. It’s different from other travel magazines I’ve read, but it fits in well to the movement of indie travel magazines, chaning the term “travel magazine” into something about people and stories found around the world, rather than about holidays people can take.

Renegade, at just 34 pages and £3, is a small magazine. In a letter from Editors Freddie Reynolds and Amy Sohanpaul accompanying the magazine, they explain that Renegade is “something that readers can take away with them; something they can read in a single swoop or dip into now and again.” I admire this approach, as most magazines are happy cramming far more pages into each issue. I like small, and I like concise. This issue of Renegade contains 8 features, with a nice mix of travel writing, fiction, photography, an opinion piece and a comic; although some feel a bit too short, and leave me wanting more.

A refreshing, swift break from more hefty indie magazines, Renegade delivers a concise new version of travel magazines, which I hope will produce slightly more weighty pieces in future issues.

Issue 2 will be out this month.